Taking Safety to the next level with Dermal Filler

Safety is our priority with any appearance medicine treatment. Our Nurses have expert training on facial anatomy and assessment and use best practice techniques in delivering fillers as safely as possible. However, with the introduction of ultrasound technology specific to our field, we are the first Nurse led clinic to have invested in the latest and most advanced handheld and portable specialised high-definition ultrasound device, so we can identify your danger areas, allowing better treatment planning and delivery. Best of all this new service is completely free, no extra costs for the extra safety.

We are excited to announce that we now have the Clarius L20 HD – the world’s first ultra-high frequency ultrasound in a portable handheld scanner providing exceptional superficial imaging for medical aesthetics allowing us to:

  • Identify arteries and their depth in the area of intended dermal filler placement to aid in avoiding a vascular occlusion/compromise. This is particularly useful in higher risk areas such as temples and nasolabial folds. A vascular occlusion or vascular compromise is when dermal filler is either injected into an artery or around an artery to the point that the blood flow is reduced or completely stopped, resulting in diminished blood supply to the tissue. Left untreated this can lead to tissue death, and in extremely rare cases, blindness.


  • Visualise pre-existing dermal filler, useful when addressing filler migration or overfilling, allowing ultrasound guided dissolving of filler when required


  • Advanced Management in the unlikely event of a vascular occlusion by assisting us to quickly identify the area of occlusion and guide treatment to specific vessel/area affected, saving precious time optimising chances of full recovery of affected skin/tissue

While this technology does not remove all risk from dermal filler treatments, it certainly minimises them with personalised vascular mapping – no more guessing based on typical anatomical locations/depths, allowing safer placement and increased peace of mind. For everyone